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As one of the top-rate casino apps for Android phones and tablets, Big Fish Casino has drawn in a community that consists of millions of players from around the world. The app accomplishes this because it is 100% free to play and offers every player plenty of chances to win chips and other customized bonuses through the unique selection of games that is on display. All users of this casino app can either play solo, or engage in the fun social games that bring players together at virtual tables. Big Fish Casino also offers online support for players who may have questions or experience issues with the app.

Games Included in the Casino App

Big Fish Casino offers players a considerably large selection of games. Every game is designed with impressive graphics, giving an authentic feel to playing each title. All games are optimized to be used on the touch screen platform of mobile devices with simple controls, so players will have no problem whatsoever placing bets and operating the game itself. Slot machines are a major highlight on the app, and players can choose from a handful of exciting games that give out nice payouts, with some slots even including jackpots of free chips. The Big Fish Casino Android app gives out a reported 3 billion chips every day from the featured jackpots.

Other popular casino games that players enjoy are featured as well. Big Fish Casino offers blackjack and roulette, in addition to Texas Hold’em poker. The main draw of these games is that the app is connected to social networks, and therefore allows players to compete against each other in real time action. Both poker and blackjack come with multiplayer settings on the casino app, so friends and family can player together to beat the house and earn more winnings. Games at Big Fish Casino have been exclusively developed for the app, so players will experience fun titles that cannot be found elsewhere.

Bonus Features

The Big Fish Casino app for Android devices has plenty of bonus features, both for the individual player and as a part of its presence in online social networks. Players who game at Big Fish Casino will have opportunities to win free spins and special bonus games that are exclusive to the application. These rewards are given away either on a daily basis just for logging in or on select games that are offering the promotion. Each player can win up to 100,000 free chips just by signing in and using the app, and the featured Reward Center games also offer a chance to win as many as 1,000,000 chips. In addition, all new players who download Big Fish Casino will automatically receive 100,000 bonus chips just for registering.

Promotional features on this casino app go beyond just the single player experience. When playing at Big Fish Casino, all players have a chance to win bonus chips as part of the app’s special Social Scatter aspect that is included in the slot games. The player is connected with millions of other people on a global network, and each spin of the reels can potentially award everyone playing the select games with extra payouts of chips. This app also lets each player customize their own online character with free bonus gifts and power ups, allowing the player to stand out among the crowd in the social casino games that are provided.

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