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Android, Phone, Tablet
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Over 10 Million
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Jackpot Slots is a fun and engaging casino app for Android devices that can be downloaded and played for absolutely free. The app currently has gained over 12,000,000 users and is growing exponentially in popularity each day. Players who download and try out the casino will find plenty of unique and rewarding slot games to enjoy, which are made even better by daily bonuses and promotions that award the player with tons of coins. Jackpot Slots will perform on both phones and tablets, as the app is specifically designed for mobile and also optimized to be used on a touch screen format.

Games Included on the Casino App

The Jackpot Slots Android app has proven itself to be one of the most exciting downloads that players can get, mainly because its emphasis on the gaming selection is unrivaled. While not having the largest collection, the app’s quality in its games is superior to many other and gives each player the authentic thrills of Vegas casinos. There are currently over 60 unique games in the slots category alone, and the casino app constantly adds more titles to the list. Players can enjoy each game and will also receive free coins every three hours just by remaining logged in.

Additional games on the app include popular hits among players such as video poker and bonus wheels. These titles offer free casino entertainment and also help the player in leveling up faster, leading to bigger wins and exclusive rewards. Games can also be synced to the Google Play store or Facebook so that a player will never lose progress in their app, even when changing phones or losing data. The content on Jackpot Slots offers in-game purchases, but players will not have to buy anything extra in order to keep using the app.

Bonus Features

Jackpot Slots has multiple ways that players can enhance winnings and earn extra coins by the app’s unique set of bonuses and promotional benefits available to every user. The player is able to earn unique perks known as boosts that will add a bonus multiplier on to winnings that are gained. These boosts can increase payouts by as much as five times the normal amount. Each slot also comes with its own bonus games that are included with the sole purpose of allowing the player to win extra coins. Players can expect daily promotions from the app, allowing them to level up faster and earn free spins as a result. The promotions also offer special bonus games and more coins for each player who is signed in at the right time.

This Android casino app plays host to large progressive jackpots as well. These bonus amounts are constantly growing until a player is lucky enough to hit the right combination. Because so many people around the world use the app, the jackpots reach astronomical amounts. This means that players have won over 1 billion coins before, and each app user has a chance to make history repeat itself. There are multiplayer bonuses at Jackpot Slots too, like promotional tournaments for new players and complimentary gifts that friends can send to each other. The app puts a major focus on its social features, so players can expect additional bonuses to share with each other.

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