Ruby Fortune Casino


Ruby Fortune was founded in 2003 and has been able to remain one of the best online casinos available due to a major emphasis on diverse gaming selections and rewarding promotional features for players.


The Ruby Fortune Online Gaming Casino has its license from the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta dating back in 2007 and then received an update in 2009. However, it does not have the proper license to function within the UK, so gamers in both the United States and the United Kingdom are not able to play on the casino. Individuals in other European nations, Canada, New Zealand and parts of Asia are able to play, so that is not an issue. The Ruby Fortune Online Gaming Casino is designed to offer a wide range of games. It also allows easy financial transfer from both debit and credit cards. This way, a player can deposit money into their account without much of a problem at all.

Ruby Fortune Bonus Information – How to Get the $750 Bonus

Software Used at Ruby Fortune

Microgaming is the software of choice with The Ruby Fortune Online Gaming Casino. it produces most of the slots and video card games, while there are some stand alone games that are produced by other designers. Typically, a casino signs a contract with a particular gaming designer in order to receive the most games from that one location. This is the case with The Ruby Fortune Online Gaming Casino and micro gaming.

The casino features roulette and blackjack as its main staples and the main games it offers. With these games, individuals will not connect to a live dealer, but it is what the website likes to highlight. Slots, as is the case with other online casinos, is a major element to the website as well. All of this makes for an excellent gaming opportunity for those who enjoy both three reel, one play line slot games and five reel, 25, 30 or more play lines. Whatever someone is looking for, they can find it here.

Mobile Compatibility

The Ruby Fortune Online Gaming Casino does not have any specific mobile gaming options with the casino. Players can access the majority of the games through their mobile device as long as they attempt to do so with a Flash enabled piece of equipment. This means users of Apple iPads, iPhones and other Apple mobile products will not be able to play the games, simply because Apple does not support Flash on mobile equipment.

There are no live dealers with the website, so this is not an option. In terms of interesting services, The Ruby Fortune Online Gaming Casino does provide 24/7 live support. This is nice for players around the world who might have a problem with their game or financial issues with deposits and withdrawals. While not a direct gaming feature, it is nice to have this kind of support.

Welcome Bonus

The Ruby Fortune Online Gaming Casino has one of the largest welcome bonus options of any online casino. It is able to offer up $750 in free match money for 450 different casino games. It does not allow this match to be played with all of the games, but the website can indicate which it supports and which it doesn’t right along with the game. This match is for deposits of up to $750 within the first week of gaming. In total a player can have $1,500 for a $750 deposit.

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